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Tuition Information

Tuition can be paid in full for the whole year, or families can choose to pay over 9 months. You can sign up for automatic payments on the church's website also under the "Donate" tab. Be sure to select "School Tuition" as your designated fund. Forms for setting up automatic payments are available in the school office.

Tuition is expected on the 1st of the month, considered late after the 15th of each month. 


St. Paul’s Church and School has established a program called the Adopt-A-Child Fund for our K-8 students, in which tuition assistance is available.  Applications for assistance are available from the school office.

We strongly believe that no child should be denied an education at St. Paul’s Lutheran School because of lack of funds; therefore, if the tuition policy is a burden for you, please talk with the principal or a member of the Board of Education. We are sensitive to your needs and confidentiality will be kept. St. Paul’s Lutheran School is very special and an important part of St. Paul’s congregation. We would like to work with you to keep it that way. 

All enrolling preschool students have a $75 fee due upon registration.

Our 3-year-old program meets Wednesday & Friday mornings. Our 4/5-Year old program has several full-day options, allowing families to choose a schedule that works best for them.


If you have another child enrolled at St. Paul's K-8 there is a $50 deduction in the FULL day rates. 

K-8 Tuition

All students enrolling in Kindergarten through 8th grade have a $225 Registration Fee

due annually before September 1st. ($175 if paying before May 15, 2023). 

Tuition is based on number of children in your family enrolled in grades K-8

and whether or not you are a member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church.


Monthly Tuition

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