As a teacher and parent I feel so blessed that my kids were able to attend St. Paul's for many reasons.  In addition to receiving a great education, my husband and I very much appreciated the faith building aspect that each student experienced.  Chapel services, curriculum, fellowship with other Christian students, musicals, programs, and aiding with worship services were and still are a way for the kids to witness.  St. Paul's provides a variety of opportunities such as essay contests, field trips, sporting events, band and choir activities, spelling bees, etc.  Perhaps what made the most impact for my family was the friendships that still continue, a work ethic that was encouraged, and a grateful heart for God's many blessings.

Mrs. Tangen - 1st Grade Teacher

As a teacher at St. Paul's Lutheran School as well as the parent of four children who have attended our school, I have seen firsthand the difference our school makes.  I have always felt a strong sense of "family" here due to the small class sizes and faith aspect which is evident in so many areas.  I and the other teachers here are able to share our faith with students, thereby helping them grow in their own faith.  St. Paul's Lutheran School not only succeeds in preparing our children for their educational journey but also in giving them that firm foundation centered on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Brown - 4th Grade Teacher